I originally studied Python to help with Linux administration tasks. Later I
developed a couple small desktop applications for the company I work for using
PyGTK and PyQT4. Since then I've used it for everything from sorting my photo
collection to writing a web-crawler. I recently started using it for web
development in Flask and Django.


When it comes to code, PHP will always be a favorite. For the last 8 years I've
worked on a variety of personal and client based projects ranging from full
featured e-commerce to classified search engines.

Ruby / Rails

In an attempt to gain a wider skill set when it comes to web-applications, I've
decided to learn Ruby and the Rails framework. I believe this will not only help
me grow as a programmer but also open more doors for potential work. I haven't
planned any fun little apps to make just yet, but I'm sure I'll have some soon.


I've only just started writing some applications in MongoDB, but so far its been
a breeze. It took a while to get out of the mindset of normalizing across
separate tables, but now that I have, I love it. For small to medium apps, its
quickly becoming my go-to database.


With every good PHP application comes a database. MySQL is fast, light-weight
and comes pre-installed on almost all hosting servers today. I find MySQL to be
more then adequate for the majority of my projects.


Developing with the JDK has been a pleasure so far, and I'm excited to see how
far I can stretch its capabilities. I hope to be coding in Java fluently within
the next year. My dabbling with Java is mostly influenced by Android's Java


I've always wanted to make mobile games, and being that the App Store is the
biggest, picking up iOS was a natural choice for me. I'm actively developing a
couple apps that I hope to release soon.


Due to my love for open source, It was only natural for me to pick up Android.
At the moment I'm only studying Android, but hope to develop some applications
and games for the market soon.

Front-end Code


HTML was probably the first thing I ever typed as far as code. I remember
sitting in my uncles basement, both my cousins next to me, all programming on
little monitors with black screens and green text. Blinking text and scrolling
marquee's were all the rage back then. It was sad to see them go.


Although I never started web development with CSS, I quickly picked it up after
discovering its benefits. Today I have a history of coding an assortment of CSS
designs including liquid layouts and graphic absolute positioning.

Javascript / Ajax

Javascript never used to be a favorite, but its growing on me. It has its place,
but I find its overused in many applications. I prefer to use frameworks such as
jQuery when developing Ajax driven applications. I'm also very interested in
Node.js and hope to build something with it soon.



Flask is an excellent microframework built on Python. I haven't done much in
the way of web development with Python, but having experience with the language
is what drew me to it. I've re-written this blog in Flask and am actively
developing two other web-apps, one of which is QuoteRobot.


Caffeine is a personal project of mine. I started development shortly after
getting into PHP to help hone my skills. Over the years I've used it on most of
my projects. It works as a thin layer between core PHP and common modules such
as user accounts, authentication and pages to help build an web application
more efficiently. I've since released it on GitHub as open source.


I initially used Wordpress for my blog. Later I wanted to add some portfolio
work and other features to it, so I found myself writing custom plugins and
theme templates. I've since launched a several personal and client sites.


I started using Codeigniter for personal projects, and later made use of it in
the company I had been working for. I've built a vareity of basic sites as well
as an in-house time sheet system capable if importing into Quickbooks directly.


When I first looked a Drupal a couple years ago, I wasn't very happy with it.
I've since come back to it due to its active development and growing community.
I've written several custom modules for Drupal, as well as a variety of themes.

OS & Hardware

Apple / Mac

I never used to be a "Mac Guy", but some industry guru's I work with managed to
convert me. I absolutely love it! I currently use all Apple products personally
as well as for work and development. My mobile office consists of MacBook Pro,
iPhone and iPad.


Linux is one of my favorite operating systems. It wasn't always that way
however. Like most, I started on Windows but found myself wanting more. After
several attempts at making the switch, I finally did it. I used to use Linux for
my desktop workstation but mainly use it to run my servers now. I prefer Ubuntu
but have experience with Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and OpenSUSE.

Windows Networking

I've worked with several different types of Windows networks including basic
work groups to full featured Windows domain infrastructures. I'm comfortable
working with Server 2003, Active Directory and VPN's. That being said, I'll only
use Windows if I absolutely have to.


Input Logic Inc Co-Founder - 2011 to Present

After many years of playing with the idea of starting my own company, I've
finally decided to take the plunge. I started the company as a partnership with
one of my bestfriends, Shawn. Combined with his design skills, my programming
and our combined ideas, we hope to provide products and services that nobody
else can offer. We're based out of Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

M&D Management Consulting Ltd Systems Administrator - 2007 to 2011

While at M&D Management Consulting Ltd, my duties included network and system
maintenance, backups and in-house software development. Unfortunately due to
economic reasons, the company had to close it's doors. It was a great place to
work and I'll always miss it.

Push72 Design Inc Programmer / Designer - 2004 to 2007

While at Push72 I worked on a variety of projects including web design with
Photoshop, front-end coding with XHMTL/CSS and programming with PHP and MySQL.